As a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, my professional journey has been shaped by a robust foundation in critical care and oncology nursing. Fueled by a genuine passion for mental health, my clinical practice is distinguished by a unique fusion of diverse experiences and insightful perspectives.

During my extensive tenure as an ICU nurse, I bore witness to the profound interplay between mental health and overall well-being. For me,
psychiatry is not merely a profession; it is a deeply rooted commitment to delivering unwavering, evidence-based, and compassionate care. Recognizing the importance of a holistic treatment approach tailored to each individual, I am devoted to creating an environment that fosters empathy, healing, and a therapeutic alliance.

My scope of practice encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of a wide spectrum of mental illnesses and behavioral disorders in adolescents and adults. From ADHD, with thorough confirmation testing, to depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and grief & loss, among others, I employ a comprehensive approach. In addition to medication management, I integrate cognitive-behavioral therapy and supportive psychotherapy techniques to empower clients on their journey to mental wellness. If our collaborative care plan necessitates external support, I am dedicated to facilitating referrals to specialized therapists or test centers.

I extend a warm welcome to individuals from all backgrounds and communities, embracing each person with kindness and respect. Whether you’re navigating a brief situational concern or managing a long-term condition, my goal is to be a supportive and impactful guide on your mental health journey. I am excited about the prospect of meeting you and am eager to contribute to your path toward lasting mental wellness.